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Frederick H. Greene, EA, MBA


Personal Tax Return Preparation Services

Before you begin the daunting task of doing your own taxes, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you familiar with all the allowable deductions and credits in view of the most recent tax law changes?
  • If you are audited by the IRS, do you have someone to represent you?
  • Can the most complete tax software package or internet service provide you with 24-hour assistance and advice?

If these questions were as difficult to answer as completing you own 1040, please read on...

All clients receive a FREE tax organizer to help quickly gather the information necessary for tax preparation. The organizer's easy to use format prevents you from overlooking valuable expenses, deductions and credits.

The Internet and tax preparation software programs are only as accurate as the person inputting the numbers.  These are just shortcuts to tax return solutions that often become more taxing than the traditional service we provide.

Business Services

We offer the following to small corporations, partnerships and proprietorships:

  • Business Statements
  • Sales & Payroll Tax Returns
  • Corporation Income & Estimated Income Tax Returns
  • Partnership Returns
  • Schedule C and Estimated Individual Income Tax Return Statements

Affordable Fee Schedule
Federal form 1040, Schedule A and New Jersey State 1040.........................................$ 160.00

Federal form 1040, schedule A, NJ 1040, New York State and City (non-resident) .........$ 200.00

Preparation of other schedules (D, E, etc. as well as electronic filing are also available at additional cost.  Please contact us for details.